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  • Hengxing Placed 46th in “Fujian Top 100 Enterprises 2019”
    On October24, 2019, Fujian Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Fujian Media GroupandFujian Academy of Social Sciences jointly releasedthe FujianTop 100 Enterprises 2019list in Zhangzhou. Xiamen Hengxing Group was shortlisted againin this year’s list as the 46thplaceholder, one place ahead …
  • Congratulations to Hengxing & Baotuo in the Fujian Top 100 Private Enterprises List
    On November 19, 2019, Fujian Federation of Commerce & Industryreleased the “FujianTop 100PrivateEnterprises 2019”listand the “Fujian Top 50 Manufacturing Private Industries2019” rank in Fuzhou, along withthe “A Survey and Analysis Report on the FujianTop 100PrivateEnterprises 2019”and“A R…
  • Mr. Ke Received Anxi Chamber of Commerce’s Special Contribution Award
    20 years of ups and downs, 20 years of vicissitudes. From 1999 that saw the establishment of 40 companies to 2019 that embraced a total number of over 600, Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce has ushered in its 20th birthday with a solid "household". On October 19, 2019, Anxi entrepreneurs in …
  • Hengxing Celebrates the Completion & Donation of Wholly Funded Kindergarten
    Agrand ceremony to celebrate the completion and donation ofAnxi TiezhengKindergarten/Anxi No. 15 Kindergarten, fully funded by Xiamen Hengxing Group,was held onthe kindergarten’s squarein the morning of September 10. The ceremony was hosted by Lin Hualin, Secretary of the CPC Penglai Town Committee…
  • Hengxing Holds the 2019 Opening Ceremony & Makes the Debut of First Class
    As a joyful summer vacation draws to its end, September arrives with intoxicating autumn wind. On September 2, 2019, all the teachers and students of Anxi Hengxing High School gathered together to hold a opening ceremony for the 2019 school year and watched the debut of "First Class: A Walk int…
  • Hengxing holds 291th rank in "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in Service Industry"
    From August 31 to September 1, the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association jointly hosted the China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum 2019 in Jinan City, Shandong Province, attended by representatives from government departments, entrepreneurs, experts and schola…
  • Hengxing Listed in “China Top 500 Private Enterprises 2019”
    The China Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit, jointly hosted by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and Qinghai People's Government, kicked off in Xining on August 22, 2019. It unveiled the lists of "China Top 500 Private Enterprises", "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing …
  • Hengxing Gold placed among China Top Ten Gold Mines of Economic Benefits
    On August 29, the China Gold Association released the China Gold Yearbook 2019, which covers 15 lists like the China Private Gold Bar Brands Sales Rankings and the China Provincial (Regional) Gold Resource Inventory Rankings. Hengxing Gold Holdings Co., Ltd. (H shares) was placed the 12thin the Chin…
  • Hengxing Ranked 15th among “Xiamen Top 100 Enterprises 2019”
    The “Xiamen Top 100 Enterprises 2019” ranking jointly launched by the Xiamen Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, Xiamen Daily Office, and Xiamen Radio and Television Group was drawn down the curtain with success. Xiamen Hengxing Group Co., Ltd. made its presence in the list for eight cons…
  • Hengxing Chairman Listed in the 2019 China Charity Ranking
    In the 2019 China Charity Ranking released today, Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, was placed the 66th, a new charity honor for the chairman after he received honorary titles like “China Charity Award”—Most Benevolent Company/Individual, “Most Prominent Philanthropist of Xiamen” an…
  • Hengxing Launches Business Update Meeting in Bali
    Xiamen Hengxing Group held the business update meeting for the first half of 2019 in Bali, a beautiful resort, from July 28 to August 1. The management team arrived in Bali the day before the meeting kickedoff. In the Sunday meeting, PresidentWang Weiwen delivered an operational report spanning the …
  • Hengxing Nails a Deal with CYTS Shanghai to Develop Cultural Tourism in Yellow River Three Gorges
    Xiamen Hengxing Group Co., Ltd., CYTS Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,and Yongjing County People’s Government of Gansu Provincejointly signed The Cooperative Development Agreement on Yongjing’s Yellow River Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Projecton the morning of August 9, 2019. Guo Heli,…
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